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Here’s a showcase of some articles and work by our members. Keep watching this space for more interesting ideas and features!

Data WorldBy Simon Hung
This article aims to provide a clear picture of the differences between Data Analytics and Data Science!

ToolsBy Simon Hung
As a budding Data Analyst / Data Scientist, you need to understand the tools available. Find out more here!

Jay ShettyBy Ganesh Muthupalani
I am a huge fan of Jay Shetty! I came across him when he had 800,000 likes and everyday he was garnering a few thousand likes! Here’s a little something I did with VBA to track the number of likes Jay Shetty gets over a period of time.

By Jade Wong Jie Yu
A little sharing on how I wrote functions in VBA to calculate annuities while studying for my FIN2004 mid-term.

Slide5.JPGBy Ganesh Muthupalani
I watch voraciously and often share the good ones with my friends. Both Youtube and TED sort videos by “Most Viewed”. And the top videos are like monopolies. They hold their ground and never change. I asked myself if there were precious gems hidden deep in the TED Treasure Trove?

 Slide6Slide13By Ganesh Muthupalani
The act of “Googling” has been so intertwined with our lives that we do not question how Google (a website) can answer any of your questions. Find out why Google can answer all your questions, and the answer is not PageRank!

Slide7.jpgSlide15By Ang Peng Seng
During my analytics internship in the Private Banking department in DBS, I participated in a competition held for all DBS staff globally. Given the World Cup season, the challenge was to make use of Data-Driven methods to predict the top 3 countries of the cup with their probable scores, for the finals and 3rd place playoff.